Telling Time
Thoughts from Maria Lloyd, Headteacher of
Andrews' Endowed C of E Primary

One of the most rewarding things about teaching for me is that there is always something new to discover.  No matter how long I have been in the profession, the joy I get from observing the teaching and learning process never wanes.  And as much as I might have good ideas and years of experience to offer to my colleagues, so it is that I often learn new things from watching different members of my amazing team teach. 

Now, more than ever, there is a fantastic atmosphere of collaboration within the profession, with good practitioners eager to share what works with each other, and equally open to seek support and advice from each other when things don’t go according to plan.  I would have loved to have had access to EduTwitter when I was at the start of my professional career, and it makes me excited for the future of education when I read the ideas and comments posted by teachers there, and the generosity with which many practitioners provide access to their resources and research.

Sometimes, I’ll come across a resource or a blog post that I want to pass on to my colleagues straight away, and this was the case with this fantastic article by @ClareSealy about the difficulties children have in learning to tell the time.  Clare’s approach makes so much sense, and we have really enjoyed trying it out in the classroom. 

I hope you find the article useful, and that it gets you thinking not just about teaching children to tell the time, but also about working memory and cognitive overload and the pivotal part these play in the teaching and learning process.