Science investigations made easy
Thoughts from Jenny Jones, Headteacher of Anstey Junior School

When I talk to children at school about subjects they really enjoy, science is almost always at the top of the list.  This was evidenced when we offered a science club at the school which was seriously oversubscribed.

At a recent staff meeting on science, we looked at the model below as a way of making science investigations accessible to all, eliminating the need for long ‘write ups’, which is the one thing that can put children and teachers off doing an investigation.

The diagram is very simple and staff tried planning an investigation using it.  We put the question in the middle of a piece of paper and then wrote down what we would keep the same and recorded what we would change and what we would measure.

Teachers are now repeating this with their classes. Children love it; it is so simple to see what the investigation is about and how they will answer their question.