School2School support

Our School2School Support Leaders are committed to helping other schools become the very best; building their knowledge, expertise and confidence to achieve improved results for their pupils. 

We appreciate the potentially sensitive nature of inviting another school in to discuss changes, so all of our S2SS Leaders have excellent interpersonal skills and will work with you in a collaborative approach.  It is not about us telling you how it should be done, but more working with you to share our expertise and to collaboratively define an approach that will achieve the best results for your school.

We are proud of our excellent track record in this area, and have helped a wide range of schools offering consultancy, support and guidance.

Our School2School support is bespoke and personalised according to your precise need.  It  can be as short or as long as you require, targeted at a specific Key Stage.  We have a wide portfolio of excellent practitioners and SLEs who we can call on as and when necessary.

Please email us  to enquire as to how we can support your school.