Taking the right path
Thoughts from Mrs Jenny Jones, Headteacher of
Anstey Junior School

How often in education do we see self fulfilling prophecies? One of the most common ones I have heard during my career is, "I couldn't do maths so I've told him I don't expect him to be able to do it!".   This video clip is all about professionals ensuring that we steer children, parents and ourselves in the right direction.

How many children are stuck at chapter 3 in the story? Knowing that the 'hole' is there but not doing anything about it - often because they don't think they can. As professionals working with children it is our job to get them to chapter 5. If they have had years of trying to achieve something and failed, maybe we need to help them to find a different route.

At Anstey we have watched this clip and are really thinking about trying different methods to enable a child to succeed - to walk down a street and not fall in the hole! This links with growth mindset - everyone: child, parent and teacher, believing that success is just round the corner (maybe down a different street).

Watch it here