Thoughts from Ms Sarah Oliver, Headteacher of
Rowledge C of E Primary

There are so many exciting aspects of teaching and learning that I considered in writing this piece. I settled for considering how we prepare children for their future. As other Headteachers have suggested, 'Mindset' is absolutely crucial in our ever changing and often pressured society. In our school we are using
Heartsmart to help children to understand aspects of this. 

I also recommend following
Mindshift  on facebook or twitter.
In addition you will find some super resources in the
Big Life Journal .

It seems to me that acknowledgement that our children are at more risk of mental health issues than ever before is crucial. Our role as educators has changed hugely over the last ten years as parents battle with the added difficulties of managing electronic devices in their children's lives, which can lead to heightened anxiety and confusion in forming/sustaining friendships/relationships. I think that understanding how best to work with parents to support them with this is fundamental for teachers new to the profession.