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Forest School & Nature Education is an exciting opportunity to develop your school’s learning environment beyond the classroom, harnessing the belief that children learn best outdoors and through child led opportunities. Haven is leading the FTSA in this area and has created an engaging programme which will allow you to make the greatest impact on your children’s development and learning.

What do we offer?
A platform from which to develop your own provision, with bespoke support, advice and flexible training tailored to YOUR team and setting, provided by our Haven Forest Team.
  • how the forest school system works in practice
  • support in establishing a shared purpose, vision and commitment
  • tools and strategies to allow you to implement Forest School style provision confidently in your own school
  • ideas as to how best to utilise your outdoor spaces
  • health and safety in the natural environment including strategies to support the children in their own risk assessments

What other schools think:
We receive enthusiastic responses from all of the schools who have accessed our Forest School and Nature Education Programme.  Past participants are confident that outcomes for their children will be greatly enhanced and the quality of their outdoor environment and opportunities for children’s learning will be improved as a result of our course. 

Teachers felt they had increase their knowledge and understanding of the benefits of outdoor play to children and, as a result, would now adopt a more child-led approach in their practice and provision. 

“I now have a passion to engage children’s learning outside, that I didn’t have prior to this training.”

“I think that the impact of the training will enable me to enhance the children’s learning journey with existing exploration and investigative techniques.”

Dates and times 
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For more information, please contact the Centre on 01329 232095 or visit Haven’s website at 
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