1. An alliance with strength, breadth and depth
  2. Collaborating and supporting
  3. Developing knowledge, experience and skills

  4. Building strong foundations for life
The depth and breadth of our alliance provides us with expertise in EY, KS1 and KS2 with specialism in Special Educational Needs. 

We offer:
ITT (Initial Teacher Training)

tailoring programmes for your setting to achieve maximum impact.
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We love this advert

Have you seen the latest advert from Get Into Teaching? 
It really highlights the impact teachers have by inspiring, nurturing and shaping children and young people at all stages of their learning from Early Years to GCSEs. 
Take a look...
Bushy Leaze, Lanterns and Haven, have come together to form the Foundations Teaching School Alliance with the sole aim of supporting, training and shaping the teachers of today and tomorrow in Early Years and Primary education. 

3 schools - 3 clusters:  Alton, Winchester and Gosport.

The 2nd edition of the FTSA Insight newsletter is now available in the Resource centre with recommended books to read, twitter accounts to follow and interesting topics that have caught our eye.

Upcoming Dates...
21 March - School Experience Programme:  Alton Cluster

2 April - Alton Cluster NQT Network Meeting 

25 April - School Experience Programme:  Alton Cluster

8 May - Learning through play

13&20 May - Attention Autism

23 May - School Experience Programme:  Alton Cluster

7 & 14 June - Successful ASC Transitions

20 June - School Experience Programme:  Alton Cluster

100% employment as NQTs*

We are delighted to announce that ALL of our 2017/18 cohort of ITT** students have secured employment as NQTs within our cluster of schools. ​ With our support and guidance, they have become creative, confident, engaging teachers and we have enjoyed training each and every one.  Our pupils are very lucky to have them.
   *NQT=Newly Qualified Teachers   ** ITT= Initial Teacher Training

​​ Our strapline: "Building Strong Foundations for Life"  ​​
is more than a phrase, it underpins everything we do and our children flourish because of that ethos.