We'd like to share with you what our current and past students think about us and our programme.  Here are just a few of their voices....

"My journey to becoming a teacher has been stimulating, rewarding and inspiring and I have loved every moment of it.  My degree had the perfect balance of academic rigour and practical teaching experience which left me very well prepared to enter my NQT year. "

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"My first year in teaching was full of wonderful new experiences and a lot of hard work! I truly love my job and couldn't think of a more inspiring, rewarding and amazing profession to be a part of. It has been wonderful to be part of the Alton cluster of schools which allows collaboration with other teachers and schools in the area. This provides me with opportunity to exchange ideas with other teachers and learn from each other. I am looking forward to continuing to develop my skills fully and seeing what the future brings.  I feel it is a privilege to be in the teaching profession.”
"A fantastic day of training in computing - very engaging, interactive and some brilliant ideas that I have already put into practice."
"I was a bit nervous about the day as I wouldn't put ICT as a strength; however I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt I came away with a wealth of new knowledge and found the day really inspiring and wanted to go back and share all the new parts I had learnt with my placement school! Thank you so much for all the time that went into it, it was hugely valuable."
​​"Great presenter, great content - feel so much more equipped to take this back to school and help children and adults."
At the Alton Cluster of the FTSA we pride ourselves on the individual nature of our programme.   You will not be just a part of the crowd, you will be recognised and known.  Find out about how you can join our programme and make your voice heard.
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